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There is a strong history of vibrant church life on Capitol Hill. Seattle First Presbyterian was one of the largest churches in the world with 8,000 members in 1940, and also hosted the initial conversations of a new network of churches in 2013. As Mars Hill was struggling, a handful of pastors got together to pray with one another and seek God's leading in Seattle.

The city core is a difficult and unique environment for congregations, and the group has grown over the past several years to over 10 worshipping communities whose pastors gather together monthly for a shared time of prayer, for one another and for the city. There is also a short devotional given and the group is working out what it means to be The Church in the center of the city. 

Jason Davison helped bring needed consistency and leadership to the group, which rotates its meeting place to several of the different participating church buildings. When Jason left the Light up the City team, he transitioned to Grace Church on Capitol Hill and pastor Neuenschwander from Central Community Church took the role of initiating the gathering. The group's leadership shifted again with the arrival of Bill Douthit from Urban Impact. 

The group has seen some of its congregations close their doors, some of the congregations partner in ministry, and is now looking to discern where God might be leading them together as a group. For now, they continue the critical work of deepening their relationships with one another and spurring one another on in Christ.

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