Reflecting on a Night of Unity

We are praising God for what He did at and through the night of prayer January 31st. A Night of Unity was a powerful display of the Church joining together in unity for the Kingdom. What an amazing night of prayer and fellowship! Thank you to all who came and joined! If you have any stories or experiences from the night that you would like to share, please send them to or to anyone on our leadership team! "The January 31st Night of Unity in Auburn Washington was truly a great night of praise, celebration, and an unbelievable depiction of unity. To see the Body of Christ worshiping together and all being moved by the Spirit of God was a sight to behold. These

Poem from a Pastor

Meditation on Philippians 1:18-26 I long to leave this foggy land, And sail the ranging sea. To loose the tether and the band And let my soul fly free. What waits for me I cannot say, But glory it will be. So do not bid me here to stay. To fairer harbor I would flee. But harken how the pilot speaks. His truth will never lie. He tells me I must stay some weeks. More cargo He does spy. As fruitful labor still lies ashore, And freedom't better seas ahead Until the cargo hold has more, My foot still here on land must tread. For glory to my captain I bring. Desiring increase to His fame, Others I seek, this song to sing: "To live is Christ, to die is gain." - Pastor from Portland “Yes, and I will

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