Advent – Week 1: Faithfulness

It always seems fitting to me that the Thanksgiving season leads right into Christmas. Turkey leftovers still sit in your fridge as you decorate the tree. Extra pumpkin pie is consumed while watching Hallmark channel Christmas movies. During advent I have so much to be thankful for. Today I am thankful for the faithfulness of God. Psalm 100 reminds us of His faithfulness to allgenerations. I think of my step-daughter and the challenges she faces, but also the faith she has. I think of elderly relatives of mine who have been lighting this candle for decades longer than I’ve been alive. To each of us God has shown Himself to be faithful. When I read Old Testament stories I see God’s faithfulne

A Thanksgiving message...

When we step back and look at this world we see beauty. We see tall mountains reaching the highest altitudes. We see great bodies of water covering the earth’s unsearched surfaces. We see deep valleys dividing one mountain from the next. We see man made inventions resulting from hard work and creativity. And, above all, we see people. The most beautiful of all creation: people. Even with all the beauty in the world, we still see great sadness, vast hatred, constant war, abundant evil, unexplainable pain, poverty, division, and oppression. Which may cause us to ask ourselves, “what is there to be thankful for?” Yes, we can be thankful for our health, family, friendships, freedom, home, educat

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