A Note from Knathan

Over the course of five years, it has been an honor and privilege to work for Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and on the Light Up the City team. I began my time networking with church and lay leaders to recognize and assess who was serving in their cities- congregations, non-profits, government agencies and other organizations that served Jesus and/or the common good. I primarily did this through a website, but grew relationships with those serving their cities and loving their neighbors and acted as a support. Once Light Up the City launched, we felt stories of what God was doing through his Church needed to be told- stories of relationships, unity, reconciliation, serving together- stories

We Love Our City

If love is an action, then the We Love Our City group is living up to the definition. Many congregations in Federal Way come together each year to serve their city in a variety of ways. We see serve days like these across the Puget Sound and are always encouraged to hear more stories like this one. This year the annual Serve Day turned into a serve weekend! A couple of the congregations participated on Saturday this year. 15 core churches (approximately 450 people) divided into 16 teams that served at the Blueberry Farm, Westway neighborhood, Boys & Girls Club, Steel Lake Park, Light of Christ, Truman & Olympic View community gardens, FW Day Center, Illahee clothing bank. Teams also assemble

Network Leader's Gathering

About twice a year we gather leaders from our networked cities from around the Greater Seattle Region to report what is going on in their cities and communities. We also gather as a time to fellowship and to hear from a guest speaker. The purpose of these gatherings is primarily to build relationships, but also to hear from other leaders as a way to encourage and spur one another. This past Thursday we gathered again, this time at Northwestern University in Kirkland to hear from Dr. Robert Frost of Multinomah University. Dr. Frost shared the lineage of our theological streams which have, over time, brought about the many denominations of the One Church. It was a very academic, yet fascinatin

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