Seattle's New Mental Health Clubhouse

"What is a Mental Health Clubhouse?", you might ask. Well, in partnership with Seattle's Union Gospel Mission, Operation Nightwatch, HERO House and countless others in the Downtown core- a space has opened up for folks with mental health issues can spend quality time and build community. From their website: A Clubhouse is a membership-based social/vocational community where people living with persistent mental illness come to rebuild their lives. Participants – who are called members, not patients – share ownership and responsibility for the success of the organization. They work and socialize in a unique partnership with a small staff, building on strengths instead of focusing on illness.

Party In The Park

Sometimes asking, "are there any holes to fill?" is the best start to loving your community.

Schools get Served

Twenty schools in the Seattle School District were served this past weekend by churches from all around the city. This is the third year of CityServe and it was another successful weekend of cleaning, sprucing, weeding, painting and just loving by serving schools in our district. Other districts were also served outside Seattle, as a combined effort of the Church (big C) to serve teachers, staff and most of all the students of our public learning institutions. We will have more reports in the coming weeks with some stats, but here are some highlights told in the form of photos taken during the event with Superintendent Dr. Larry Nyland lending a hand too.

A Letter From Jason

Dear Family, For the past two and a half years I have had the privilege and pleasure of serving churches and ministries in the heart of Seattle through my role with Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission—our Light Up The City team specifically. I have had the great joy of being able to serve with a wonderful LUTC team under the leadership of the Jeff Lilley and the Executive Team at the Mission who earnestly desire that churches and networks of churches be the leading edge of ministry with, for, and among our city’s most vulnerable. In light of that vision to see the local church lead, (rather than UGM), I was so intrigued and honor to work towards that end, serving with the leadership and talents

LUTC Quarterly: Homelessness

Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission is best known for serving those in greatest need in the Greater Seattle Region, tangibly by operating homeless shelters and meal programs. In our present situation, the need is great, and Light Up the City’s goal is to help local congregations engage in this work by building capacity. Please join us for our next Light Up the City quarterly on September 28th where we will hear from local networks and congregations about how they engage the issue of homelessness and poverty in their communities. We will hear from Michelle Frets, the Executive Director of Vine Maple Place on how they work with congregations to help prevent homelessness; as well as from Tim King f

Serve Day for Schools

Serve Day Season is upon us! Over the last eight months, church leaders and school leaders met together to plan serve days throughout the region to prepare schools for the first of the year! Many of these efforts have followed the lead of the Jubilee Service Day in Bellevue. Ken Carpenter, Jubilee’s Service Day Coordinator is coordinating their 13th annual service day August 26th with over 50 churches participating to serve 19 schools. Jobs include helping teachers (400 of which signed up for assistance) set-up their classrooms, outdoor work and even pre-event work (sewing of chair pockets that hang on the back of an Elementary School chairs, which total about a thousand). In addition to se

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