The Shape of Sound

My son Zeb came across an amazing discovery at the ripe old age of four. “Dad, did you know that God created the whole world just by saying something?” I assured him that I was familiar with this, but he pressed on with a bit more analysis, “It’s actually pretty hard to do…” He then went on to make verbal proclamations in the car, none of which resulted in any activity including his final declaration, “Let there be dark!” Despite his earnest attempt, the sun remained shining, and so I asked if I could give it a try. We discovered that my louder, deeper voice was still incapable of shifting anything in the car, much less beyond into the galaxies. Apparently, we aren’t God. I came across a TED

Team Mission: Run For Your Life

Part of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's recovery philosophy is to surround those battling addiction, homelessness, domestic violence and poverty with community support. So, a few years back TEAM MISSION was formed to allow folks in program to run races along with Mission staff and volunteers. They plan weekly runs together and races ranging from "Couch to 5ks" to the ultimate...the Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage. Ragnar is a 200 mile relay race that begins in Blaine, WA and ends in Langley on south Whidbey Island. The relay is run between a team of 12, which is divided into two separate vans: Van 1 runs the first six legs and then Van 2 runs the subsequent six and alternates 36 exchange

That New Shoe Smell

“This is our fourth year of Care Day and we have always done a shoe drive,” Monette tells us. “Each year we would collect gently used shoes, take them home and wash them in our laundry rooms before the event. This year we got a grant from Eastside Community Aid and were able to buy brand new shoes for Care Day, so it smells like new shoes! (A much better smell).” Monette, one of the founding organizers, explains to Chris, Knathan, and I about the different ways they get donations for Care Day in Bothell. I couldn’t help but instantly think of this passage: Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offe

It is for Freedom!

Happy 4th of July from all of us at Light Up the City! This morning on my run I started thinking about what this holiday represents to Americans- freedom. Freedom is something that is cherished in our country from its founding roots of 241 years ago. While the founders of this "grand experiment" were far from infallible, they had an idea that struck a cord that is found deep within the human heart. But what is freedom? We are not necessarily free from many things in this country. In recent times, we have witnessed a hyper-politicized nation that sometimes expresses its freedom of speech in putting people down because of their race, political alignment, religion. However, for us who bel

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