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As some of you know Light Up the City is a sponsored program of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. The Mission's "Mission Statement" is "To serve, rescue and transform those in greatest need the grace of Jesus Christ." And we have a unique way of doing that through extended community and through the Church. One creative way to build up young leaders and instill a sense of service and love for the city (to serve and transform) has been through a ministry the Mission launched about 5 years ago called Serve Seattle. Serve Seattle is an intern discipleship program aimed at placing young adults (18-25 year olds) in an urban environment though our internship placement program in social justice mi


This past week, two of us on our LUTC team were given the opportunity to attend a week-long camping retreat for about 60 men in Seattle's Union Gospel Mission's recovery program. The retreat was at Camp Delaney in the middle of the high desert plains of Eastern Washington. The camp is designed to get the men out of the city, a place where they have many distractions, which might be detrimental in their recovery process. It is also a way for them to get out into open spaces and into creation spending time fishing, tubing on a lake, hiking and building relationships with one another and simply rediscovering that fun can be had while sober. I was asked to lead worship, which honestly made me

Foster Support Faith Alliance Gathering

Church leaders from all six of our local network regions and anyone interested in pursuing foster care ministry are invited to this event on June 7th (doors open at 11am for lunch, the event will start promptly at 11:30am and last until 1pm) at First Free Methodist in Seattle on Queen Anne. Here’s what you can expect (besides a delicious free lunch)- We have the pleasure of hearing an inspiring message from Todd McNeal. Some of you are familiar with Todd’s work in leading Hand in Hand ministries in Everett. But Todd will also be sharing his story of starting the first 72 hour emergency foster shelter in our region, challenging us to think outside the box in our approach to foster care minist

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