Pastor's Gathering II - Faith and Race

Our country has gone through some tumultuous times lately. Racially motivated violence is in the media on a daily basis and the Church doesn't always know how to interact: we do not always know how to have fruitful conversations or how to take the lead in these challenging areas. Last December, Pastor Andre` Sims from Christ the King Bible Fellowship and Dean Curry from Life Center Church called together pastors to create a space to begin the conversation. The meeting hosted more than 125 pastors, of which 70 were senior pastors. Due to the positive response they will host another event to continue the conversation, with a special guest appearance by Dr. John M. Perkins. The hope is t

School Partnership Update

In 2014, when we launched the Light up the City network, we chose to do so through a 40 days of prayer effort. We asked local networks to pray, asking, “What is God’s heart for my city?” After the 40 days, a survey revealed several key points of data. Prayer and Evangelism rose to the top of the list, followed by engaging schools, foster care, homelessness, refugee/immigrant care, sex trafficking and incarceration. As a network, we have tried to focus heavily on these core areas, (in fact our next quarterly meeting will engage refugees and immigrants… join us!) and school engagement has been a heavy push for us. We have followed the lead of Northshore and Bellevue with their creation of a se

Holy Week Devotionals

Today marks the start of Holy Week in the Christian Church with Palm Sunday. Last year we produced eight devotional videos, that we hope you might find useful this year as well. Instead of releasing them all during the week, like last year- we'll just give you the whole lot and feel free to watch them all in one setting or come back to watch them during the week. If one of these strikes a particular chord with you- please feel free to share your comments below. Also feel free to share them on social media or with family and friends. From all of us at Light Up the City, we wish you a sweet time of reflection and a deeper sense of knowing the King during this special time of the year. Her

The Importance of Mental Health First Aid

Some of us may have taken a CPR or First Aid course. Over the years, I have taken several CPR/First Aid courses, but I have never needed to use what I’ve learned. I haven’t done more than offer someone a Band-Aid, or told my step-daughter to ice a sore knee after volleyball for “twenty minutes on, thirty minutes off.” Yet there is still valid reason for taking these courses; in case of an emergency, it is imperative to have some basic knowledge which could save someone’s life. The always be prepared Girl Scout motto finds it’s full application in these kinds of situations. Recently, I became certified to teach Mental Health First Aid (MHFA). To quote MHFA USA, Mental Health First Aid is:

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