What Counts?

I had an opportunity to head down to the Bay Area last week and spend some time with leaders doing city gospel movement work there. Transform the Bay with Christ (TBC) is an effort which pulls together the Body of Christ from among the 8 million people in the bay. Joined by leaders from Portland, there was a clear sense of "iron sharpening iron" as we gathered together. Our cohort will meet again here in Seattle in a few months and I am looking forward to showing our other NW cities the great things God is doing here in Seattle. One of the reasons this time was so encouraging, is that I was with people who shared the same sense of "success." My friend Chris Renzelman recently asked me a prof

The Broadcast/Podcast

Just a friendly reminder you can tune in each week to the Light Up the City Radio/Podcast. "Wait a minute, "radio/podcast?"", you might ask yourself. Yes, radio/podcast. Each week we have a talkshow that broadcasts locally in Seattle on 820AM KGNW, Sundays at 11:30am. We continue the conversation with our guest and extend the show into a podcast. You can subscribe on SoundCloud or on iTunes or your other favorite podcast outlets, by simply searching Light Up the City. Some highlight shows have included local author and theologian Ray Bakke, author and film critic Jeffrey Overstreet, World Vision's Steve Haas, author and foster care guru Jason Johnson and many more from our network wh

Season of Lent

We are well into the season of Lent - the time for reflection of the work of the cross that extends from Ash Wednesday through Easter. Growing up, my congregation didn't celebrate Lent. This is neither bad or good- but I am glad that later in my life I have been a part of two churches which observe this season. Personally, it provides focus and intentionality during the Easter season in the same way Advent does for Christmas. Traditionally, fasting for forty days during this season means taking away something that will be a challenge for you personally, in order to discipline our hearts, bodies and minds as a reflection of Christ's 40 days spent in the desert prior to the start of his pub

Follow Up on Refresh Conference

Last Thursday morning we had around 130 attendees at the Orphan Care Seminar with guest-speaker Jason Johnson. Jason had great wisdom to share regarding the “why” and “how” behind starting a foster care ministry in the church. Not only is Jason the Director of Church Ministry Initiatives with Christian Alliance for Orphans, he speaks all over the country about church ministry strategies for starting & leading orphan care ministries. He himself is a former pastor, a foster and adoptive dad, has written 4 books on foster care ministry, and blogs regularly at JasonJohnsonBlog.com. Jason Johnson did an incredible job of drawing attention back to the underlying “why” of foster care ministry that

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