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The Advance Advisors At Light Up the City events we often emphasize specific issues and their alliances, which came out of our 40 days of prayer in 2014. The areas of focus are: Prayer, Foster Care, School Partnerships, Homelessness, Incarceration, Human Trafficking, and Refugee/Immigrant Care. If you spend any time around us, you’ll hear a lot about these things and we know these issues are also close to your hearts too. This year, at the Advance, we are going to offer you the opportunity to meet with an advisor on these topics. During this discussion time we will have local experts available to "coach" your table on how to engage these areas in your city. Our desire is for you to ha

Have You Heard the Latest?

If you haven't been listening in on our Radio/Podcast lately- you've been missing out! Our goals at Light up the City are: 1)Bring people together; 2) Build capacity; 3) Advance Action and 4) Bear witness of how God is moving through His Church in our region. So, in effort to move the needle on number four, we launched our own radio program/podcast called Light Up the City Radio. It airs on KGNW 820AM on Sundays at 11:30am here in Seattle. However, we post the show with an extended broadcast that some of us refer to as "extra innings" and some as "after hours". Whichever YOU choose to call it, just know that it's an extension of the conversation from each of our guests that you'll fin

Advance Your City

What happens when you gather church leaders, business owners, teachers, networkers and key city leaders in a room to discuss best-practices to serve the cities in which we live, play and love? What happens if you invite thought-provoking speakers and provide workshops led by experts in the field of homelessness, school partnership and foster care, sex trafficking, incarceration, refugee care? What happens if you put out a spread of barbecue and allow time for fellowship and worship? Well, last year we did exactly that; and witnessed leaders from across denominational, racial and city divides- discussing heavy topics and taking steps to pray, plan and strategize to impact their cities. Ri

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