LUTC Radio Episode 3- Foster Care

This week we talk with Stephanie Filer (Office Moms and Dads Coordinator for congregations in West Seattle, Andrew Schneidler (The Permanence Project) and Light Up the City's Foster Care Support Specialist Mandy Neill) about how the Church can engage with Foster Care. I'm about to get uncomfortably real with my inner-thought life: Before working at Light Up the City, I really never really thought much about foster care. Writing that statement hurts. But, it's true. Foster care seemed like an issue that was beyond and outside of my scope of engagement. I understood that the government has a large role in the welfare of these children, and that somehow made it okay for me to compartmental

LUTC Radio Episode 2 - Homelessness

Our second episode of LUTC Radio is now available for streaming on our website. This episode we hear from Jeff Lilley and Dawn Zern from Seattle's Union Gospel Mission. They touch on what homelessness looks like in Seattle, the root of homelessness (not a resource issue, but a relationship issue) and how the Church can engage in this difficult issue. Each week Light Up the City Radio broadcasts on KGNW 820 AM, Sunday mornings at 11:30am and we will stream it on the website too. We are continuing the story in a little more depth on our website- so tune in on Sunday morning and then stream from our website to continue the conversation. Our desire is to dive into pressing issues the Church c

2nd Annual The Advance Conference

The Advance Workshop for key leaders of Puget Sound September 28-29, 2016 2-Day Workshop Presented by Seattle's Union Gospel Mission REGISTER NOW Join key leaders of Puget Sound for a 2-day workshop in Seattle. We will spend our time focused on increasing our capability and commitment to the cities God has placed us in, and the good news that is in store for them! Team discussions are the heart, purpose and goal of every minute of our time spent together! We strongly encourage you to register with your local city network, or ask to join your local network. Guest Speaker Dr. Raymond J. Bakke Wednesday, September 28 1:00pm—8:30pm Dinner included Thursday, September 29 8:30am—1:00pm Light

In Case You Missed LUTC Radio

We mentioned last week that Light Up the City is now on the Radio! KGNW 820, on Sundays at 11:30 to be exact. But if you do happen to miss one of our riveting ramblings- fear not, because we will be archiving them on our site under our podcast page on our website. Now you won't have to feel miserable if you DO miss our show, because each week- you'll have access to hear after the airing of the show on KGNW. We have a great lineup of guests and stories from around the Greater Seattle region- so please stay tuned to hear just a glimpse of how God is working to restore His Kingdom in our neck of the woods. This coming week we have the pleasure of talking with some local experts on the topi

Churches Respond to Tragic Events

Local Prayer Vigils Today our hearts continue to grieve over the recent violent events in our country. Our hearts break over injustice and we seek to gather to pray for the families and loved ones of the victims. There will be gatherings on the following dates and locations, if you know of others please email us or leave a comment below. Radiant Church hosting at Harambee Church 316 S. 3rd St., Renton. Friday July 8th, 7-8pm And at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission YROC Theatre at 3800 S. Othello St., Seattle WA 98118 at 12noon on Monday, July 11th. Lord Have Mercy. Hear our prayer.

Light Up the City - Radio

One of our favorite things about the Light Up the City network, is the opportunity to tell stories about all the things we see God doing around the greater Seattle region. There is so much to tell, that we cannot possibly keep up with it all. John 21:25 says, “Jesus did many other things as well. If every one of them were written down, I suppose that even the whole world would not have room for the books that would be written.” Don’t you wish you could get your hands on a few of those never written books? Well, we are doing our part to tell some of the stories that we see Jesus doing through his Spirit and through the Church in the Greater Seattle region. We are happy to announce that in ad

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