Q Denver

Our Light Up the City team had the unique pleasure to travel to Denver last week to attend the Q Conference in Denver. Q was packed with great presentations, mostly on hot-button topics ranging from racial tensions inside and outside the Church to assisted suicide. To say the topics were heavy is an understatement, but topics that should be discussed. The over-arching theme was: regardless of issues- human dignity is God given and deserves to be served and protected, especially by Christ's followers. One of our favorite presentations was from Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family and Ted Trimpa, advocate and president of Trimpa group. While their backgrounds and philosophies differ

Collaboration in Community Transformation

Break barriers. Launch effective partnerships. Designed specifically for faith community leaders, this two-day interactive workshop will help you learn the nuts and bolts of launching and leading effective partnerships that can tackle significant issues and make a lasting change in our local communities. You will learn key principles that can be applied in any community partnership and you will get an in-depth look at successful cross-sector partnerships that have brought together the faith community, local government, business, nonprofit, and social service organizations. By the end of these two days, you will walk away with practical tools and specific steps you can take in your own partne

Q Commons: Kelly Aramaki "The Gospel and the Academic (Achievement) Gap"

At Light Up the City, we have witnessed a lot of activity from the Church in Greater Seattle engaging in partnership with schools: Jubilee REACH, Northshore Community Serve Day, West Seattle CityServe to Federal Way's We Love Our City are just a ​ ​ few of the stories we have had the privilege to share. At the Q Commons we hosted on March 3rd, it was a privilege to hear Kelly Aramaki of Seattle Public Schools talk about his two passions- the Gospel and education. Kelly shares his knowledge of the need in our schools and how the Church can have a practical impact in assisting children and their community. Enjoy this presentation and we encourage you to pray about opportunities to get inv

Rooted: 24/7 Prayer for Capitol Hill

In just a week, congregations from the Capitol Hill neighborhood along with friends and staff from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission are assembling to pray for God’s Kingdom to come to bear in our city. A couple of months ago,pastors from “the Hill” reflected on the increasing transiency of the community in which they serve. Whether it is those affected by homelessness, the temporary residency of college students in the area, or the upswing in development that makes living in Seattle more expensive—all of the congregations in Central Seattle felt stirred to pray for true stability amidst so much change. Reflecting on the prayers of Paul, Pastor James Kearny of Capitol Hill Presbyterian was le

Q Commons: Amanda Hightower of R.E.S.T.

Earlier this month we hosted Q Commons at the Impact Hub in Pioneer Square. Amanda Hightower, Excecutive Director of R.E.S.T., shared a powerful talk about the history of the sex trade in Seattle and the current status. Working with victims of trafficking is not as easy to engage initially (like volunteering at a soup kitchen or food bank); so she providedpractical ways the Church can engage, which center around relationship. We hope you enjoy this powerful and moving talk. If you would like to assist those who are caught in the cycle of trafficking, please consider reaching out to R.E.S.T. for opportunities.

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