Easter Devotional 2016: Silent Saturday

Eugene Cho of Quest Church rounds off Holy Week with a devotional for Silent Saturday. He reflects on the uncertainty and doubt that must have rocked the disciples on the Saturday after Christ's death (which can pop up in different seasons in our own lives) and encourages us to lean into the Gospel even in our brokenness. Question for reflection: What does it mean to you that "God is not yet done"? Blessings to you this Saturday from SUGM and all of us at LUTC.

Easter Devotional 2016: What Happened on Easter?

During Holy Week we have had the honor to have some great speakers lead us through devotionals, and we now come to Easter Sunday! Pastor DJ Vick of Eastside Foursquare leads us through what we've been asking all week- What Happened on Easter? DJ breaks down the account of Luke's Gospel and reminds us of Jesus' first words to the disciples, "Rejoice". Today's question for reflection is: "Who in your life needs to hear the good news of Christ's victory over the grave?" We hope these devotionals and reflections have allowed you to dig deeper and lean into the Gospel and find the Risen Christ more beautiful and wondrous. Blessings to you from Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and all of us at L

Easter Devotional 2016: Good Friday

Today is Good Friday. How exactly is a Friday considered “good” when the Son of God, who is worshiped upon entry to Jerusalem just a few days prior, is beaten, convicted and killed? Michael Thomas of Radiant Covenant Church leads us through today’s devotional, emphasizing that Jesus’ pain and sacrifice had ultimate purpose to reconcile the world to God. Today’s question for reflection: How is this a good Friday to you? Blessings to you on this wondrous, frightening and ultimately Good Friday from Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission and all of us at LUTC.

Easter Devotional 2016: Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday celebrates the institution of the Eucharist and Jesus washing the disciple's feet. Kendy Easley from Bethany Community Church walks us through the day and encourages us to let Jesus wash our feet. Washing feet is literal, but it is also an example of serving out of love. Question for the day: "Are you letting Jesus wash your feet?" Blessings to you on this wonderful day from SUGM and all of us at Light Up the City.

Easter Devotional 2016: Spy Wednesday

Romanita Hairston of World Vision leads us through our devotional today. She reflects on the juxtaposition between the two events that occurred on this day- the washing of Jesus' feet by the sinful woman and Judas Iscariot's betrayal to the religious leaders. Romanita reminds us to lean into Christ through our brokenness- to forgive much that we might love much. The question for today is "How is God's forgiving power setting you free?" We hope you enjoy this powerful devotional! Blessings from SUGM and all of us at LUTC.

Easter Devotional 2016: Holy Tuesday

It's Holy Tuesday and Paul LaRose of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission talks about the parallels of Jesus' rebuke on religious leaders and our own walks in faith. The question for reflection: "Do people see Christ reflected in the way you follow Jesus?" is very poignant during this week leading toward Easter. We hope this draws you deeper into Christ's grace and his great work. Blessings from SUGM and all of us at Light Up the City.

Easter Devotional 2016: Holy Monday

Jason Davison of Sanctuary Church (and our own LUTC) reminds us this Holy Monday to keep "the main thing the main thing". Let us serve and love Christ, because he is Christ and worthy of praise. We hope you'll find Jesus more beautiful and gracious today and ask the question: how are you putting Jesus at the center of your life this week? Blessings to you from Seattle's Union Gospel Mission and all of us here at LUTC!

Easter Devotional 2016 : Palm Sunday

Friends, it's Holy Week and to prepare our hearts and reflect on the great work of Jesus, we will be featuring a devotional each day from guest speakers. Jeff Lilley, president of Seattle's Union Gospel Mission kicks us off with Palm Sunday and Jesus' entry into Jerusalem. We hope you enjoy these, please feel free to share to whomever you wish! Blessings to you this week from SUGM and all of us at Light Up the City!

Two Congregations | One Mission

Recent headlines around the plight of our neighbors who are affected by homelessness has led to many conversations throughout King County concerning the right response to our current state of crisis. The results of the One Night Count that show a 19% spike in homelessness from last year, and the tragic murders in the Jungle homeless encampment have pricked the public consciousness of elected officials, community organizers and leaders in the Church. By God’s leading and the Spirit’s prompting prior to recent news, one long-standing congregation on the boarder of the Capitol Hill and Central District neighborhoods has decided to act urgently to care for our friends living on the streets. In D

Q Commons - Jackie St. Louis

At Q Commons on March 3rd, we had the honor to hear from Metropolitan Improvement District’s Jackie St. Louis, who shared insight from his experience with working with homelessness and those who struggle with mental health in Seattle. He challenged listeners that grace given by God allows us to deal with human beings, rather than a homeless individual. Jackie’s passion for helping those in great need is inspiring and challenging at the same time- he calls us to engage in simple ways. We hope you enjoy his talk and join in on the conversation in the comments below!

Un|Divided Movie Screening at Trinity West Seattle

We are excited to see so many thriving partnerships between churches and public schools develop in greater Seattle! Right now, 115 public schools in our neighborhoods are partnering with a church. To encourage and rally this movement, you're invited to a FREE movie screening of UnDivided. It's a true story of an unlikely bond between an inner city school and a thriving suburban church. We're are partnering with Trinity West Seattle, City Serve West Seattle and BeUnDivided to host this special event. Following the screening we will have a conversation around school partnerships with UnDivided Producer Jeff Martin. Un|Divided Movie Screening Friday, March 18 7:00pm—9:00pm Doors open at 6:15pm

Q Commons Seattle

We are excited to host our fourth Q Commons this Thursday, March 3rd at 7 p.m. at the Impact Hub in Pioneer Square. National speakers include David Kinnaman, Andy Crouch and Eugene Cho. Our local speakers will be Amanda Hightower, Jackie St. Louis and Kelly Aramaki. We feel these events are important: Jesus calls us to be salt, light and yeast, which in turn, effect change and transformation in community. So, what does it mean for the Church to affect change in our cities? This is what Q speakers and conversations seek to answer. How do we engage education? What does it mean to be light in the educational system? What does it mean to be salt to individuals caught up in sex trafficking? What

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